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Does Your Dental Crown Need Replacement?

July 11, 2023

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Kings and teeth have something in common: they both like shiny new crowns. While a king’s crown is made of precious gems and metals and can be sitting in a museum centuries after it was last used, the average lifespan of a dental crown is between ten to fifteen years. A dentist can tell you if it needs to be changed sooner, though. If you suspect your dental crown needs replacement, it would be a good idea to schedule an examination. Here are some signs that might mean you need a new crown.

How Can My Mouth Tell Me If My Crown Needs Replacement?

The most obvious sign is pain or swelling. If chewing has become painful or uncomfortable, you might need to consult with your dentist about swapping out the crown.

Bacteria can more easily colonize a tooth if it has a crown, which can lead to further decay or even gingivitis. While good oral hygiene will do the bulk of the work in keeping that from happening, you should bring any gum recession to your dentist’s attention. This might mean your crown is set improperly and needs total replacement.

How Can My Crown Tell Me It’s Had Enough?

Normal wear and tear on your crown is expected, but teeth grinding or poor oral hygiene can make matters worse. Dental crowns are made of metal and/or porcelain. Crowns containing porcelain are more vulnerable to chipping and cracking. Sometimes crowns made from porcelain fused to metal develop a dark line along the teeth where the metal is beginning to show through. Some people find this visually displeasing. Sometimes crowns like these can be repaired, but a dentist can tell you if it’s time for a replacement.

It’s also important to be aware of the age of your crown. If your crown is more than ten years old, it’s time to be on the lookout for signs that you need a new one. While policies vary, some insurance companies cover dental crown replacement after only five years. Keeping on top of your crowns will preserve your dental health as you continue to enjoy optimal oral functionality and renewed beauty.

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