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Tooth Extractions – Vero Beach, FL

The Last Resort for Badly Damaged Teeth

Close-up of teeth after tooth extraction in Vero Beach, FL

If your permanent teeth are lost, new ones won’t grow in their place. As such, when there’s an emergency, we always strive to repair your damaged teeth whenever possible. Sadly, some teeth are simply too far gone and can’t be salvaged no matter what steps are taken, leaving tooth extraction as the only option. The procedure is more comfortable than you might think; in fact, many of our patients say they don’t feel anything while it’s being performed! Find out if you need a tooth extraction by calling our office and scheduling an appointment with Dr. Adam or Dr. Giuliana.

Why Choose Premier Dental for Tooth Extractions?

Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

Man in white shirt with tooth pain

A tooth extraction may be unavoidable in the following situations:

The Process of Removing a Tooth

Illustration of a tooth extraction in Vero Beach, FL

If you ask what the extraction process will look like, the answer will depend on whether you’re undergoing a simple extraction or a surgical one.

A simple extraction is carried out with forceps and an instrument called an elevator. After the tooth has been loosened, it is slowly wiggled back and forth until it slips out of the mouth. You can usually get a simple extraction if the problematic tooth has completely erupted and can be seen above the gums.

On the other hand, certain teeth – such as those that never break through the gums – might need to be extracted surgically. In cases where a tooth proves especially hard to remove, it might be divided into two or more pieces first.

Before any type of extraction is performed, your mouth will need to be numbed with a local anesthetic. It may also sometimes be necessary to use a form of dental sedation to keep you in a calm, relaxed state during the procedure.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Illustration of a tooth extraction in Vero Beach, FL

After your extraction, a blood clot will form over the socket. Said blood clot plays a vital role in the healing process, so make sure you keep it safe by not doing anything that could dislodge it. (Examples include smoking, spitting, and drinking through a straw.)

Here are a few other things you can do to take care of your smile after an extraction:

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