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Cosmetic Dentist – Vero Beach, FL

Smile More, Feel Better

Woman receiving dental treatment

Smile makeovers in Hollywood are what put cosmetic dentistry on the map. Today, there are a variety of treatments we can rely on to make beautiful, dramatic enhancements to your teeth. From teeth whitening to cosmetic recontouring, many of these procedures can be even be completed in a single visit. Nothing is more powerful than a confident smile, and we look forward to helping you make that goal a reality with cosmetic dentistry in Vero Beach.

Why Choose Premier Dental for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Porcelain Veneers

Smile compared with tooth color chart

Sometimes, cosmetic dentistry can just seem like too big of an investment, especially if you have several cosmetic flaws in your smile that need attention. Thankfully, porcelain veneers can be used to effectively give your look a complete do-over all at once. These beautiful, wafer-thin pieces of dental porcelain are precisely customized and then directly placed over your existing smile, allowing patients to achieve a whole new, polished appearance in a very convenient timeframe. Veneers look very natural, and they can be cared for with regular oral hygiene just like regular teeth. In fact, they’re even more resistant against staining than natural enamel!

Learn About Porcelain Veneers

All-Porcelain Dental Crowns

Model smile with dental restorations

Dental crowns can provide valuable support and aesthetic value in many situations due to their versatile nature. Commonly referred to as “caps,” we use them to correct bite problems, lessen spaces between teeth, restore structure, and much more. It can be an enormous relief for patients suffering from extensive damage or decay to have a complete, fully functional smile again. Plus, because our personalized crowns are created from beautiful dental porcelain, they look and feel completely natural.

Learn About Porcelain Crowns

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Patient receiving cosmetic bonding

Even small flaws like gaps, chips, and stains can lead to a patient feeling thoroughly unhappy with their smile. Direct composite bonding is the ideal choice for covering up those imperfections replacing them with a look that’s much more polished and beautiful. We’ll first match the material to your existing smile so that the results look as natural as possible. Then, we’ll apply it to the affected area and artfully sculpt it to cover the problem. Our doctors have plenty of experience when it comes to skillfully working with bonding material, and the results they create are always precise and personalized to blend in seamlessly with your unique look.

Learn About Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Tooth Recontouring

Closeup of beautiful smile

Tooth recontouring (also known as reshaping) is a common procedure where our team will precisely remove small amounts of tooth enamel in order to alter a tooth’s shape, surface, length, or other physical characteristics in a way that is physically pleasing. It’s a quick and painless procedure for people with small cosmetic frustrations who are simply seeking more balance and uniformity when it comes to their smile. Tooth recontouring can even benefit your oral health as well as your appearance; the removal of crevices helps keep tartar and plaque from accumulating.

Learn About Tooth Recontouring

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

Patient receiving in-office teeth whitening treatment

This whitening option is ideal for patients who want to achieve results that are fast and easily noticeable. With the help of high-grade gel and a specialized light, our team can dramatically brighten your smile over the course of a single, hour-long appointment. In fact, you’ll be able to leave the same day with a look that’s been improved up to eight shades. We can also provide you with a take-home kit and detailed instructions so that you can give your teeth touch-ups simply and conveniently.

Learn About Teeth Whitening

At Home Teeth Whitening

Young woman with brilliant white smile

Of course, instant changes aren’t for everyone. Some patients prefer gradually easing into a new look for reasons of comfort. Thankfully, our Vero Beach dental office can provide treatment in these situations as well. We’ll provide you with a customized set of oral trays and bleaching gel; all you have to do is wear both together for a predetermined amount of time each day in the familiar warmth of your own home. Some patients start to see an improvement in shade after the very first day, with the most noticeable changes occurring after a couple of weeks. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a significantly whiter smile!

Gum Recontouring

Closeup of patient during dental treatment

If you’re in the market for a beautiful smile, healthy gums are vital. The way they frame your teeth and accentuate their shape give you a vibrant look, as opposed to red, puffy gums. Some patients also struggle with having smiles that are too “gummy,” which can be caused by a naturally low gum line. All of these issues and more can be solved with the help of our revolutionary soft-tissue laser. This tool allows our team to recontour your gums and alter them to a more pleasing, even level. The process can be easily accomplished in as little as one appointment, and you’ll be amazed by how much of a difference it can make!

Smile Makeover

Woman looking at smile in mirror

Whether you’ve experienced a sudden, serious injury that damaged your smile or simply years of unchecked decay, there comes a time in many patients’ lives when a smile makeover becomes an appealing option. In addition to restoring the health and structure of teeth, our team here in Vero Beach can ensure that your smile comes out looking beautiful and natural as well. After a thorough check-up, one of our accomplished doctors will sit down with you and discuss your specific needs and any preferences or concerns you may have. Then, we’ll create a customized treatment plan composed of various cosmetic and restorative services that fit as ideally as possible with your schedule, budget, and needs. We can’t wait to help you achieve a better, happier smile!

Learn About Smile Makeover

Digital Smile Design

Smile design on computer screen

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we take patient satisfaction incredibly seriously. That’s why our team wants to take every step possible to ensure that we’re creating results that fit your unique needs and preferences. With the help of Digital Smile Design, we can inspire even more confidence! This state-of-the-art tool is a comprehensive imaging and modeling system that allows us to take a picture of your current smile and create simulations that reflects the results of cosmetic services you’re interested in. It’s like being able to see into the future! This way, doctor and patient can more clearly communicate and express ideas about their treatment. Best of all, our team has more precise roadmap than ever when it comes to performing care.

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