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BOTOX® for TMJ/TMD – Vero Beach, FL

Get Lasting Relief from Jaw, Head, & Neck Pain

person lying in bed experiencing jaw pain caused by TMJ dysfunction in Vero Beach

TMJ dysfunction in Vero Beach, also referred to as TMD, is an issue that commonly goes undiagnosed. It can manifest itself in several different ways, including jaw pain and tension, chronic migraines or reoccurring headaches, neck pain, and lock jaw. Although some of these issues seem like mere inconveniences, they can progress into more serious concerns, which is why it’s important to receive help sooner rather than later. At Premier Dental, our team provides BOTOX® TMJ therapy, which is a rather modern and advanced treatment to provide you with lasting relief. To learn more, read below.

Why Choose Premier Dental For BOTOX® for TMJ/TMD?

What is TMJ Dysfunction?

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TMD is a medical condition that effects the function of the joints that connect your jaw to your skull, known as your temporomandibular joints. When these joints sustain extra tension and force due to bite misalignment, a past jaw injury, or an improperly placed restoration, it can cause one joint to take on more work than the other, resulting in discomfort and a wide array of symptoms. If you experience any effects of this condition, schedule an appointment with our office as soon as possible so we can examine your jaw and determine the underlying cause of your TMD.

Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ dysfunction can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

What is BOTOX®?

person receiving a BOTOX injection

BOTOX® in Vero Beach is the brand name of an injection that is a diluted bacteria, called botulinum toxin. When injected into a muscle, BOTOX® allows it to relax and release tension from being overworked. It also prevents a signal from travelling to the nerves of your muscles to your brain, providing relief from discomfort and instructing them to relax.

Treating TMJ Dysfunction with BOTOX®

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Dr. Adam Jones and Dr. Giuliana Diaz Jones both offer BOTOX® injections to help target overworked and tension-filled jaw muscles to provide your temporomandibular joints with much-needed relief. Depending on the severity of your condition, we’ll determine how many injections are necessary and administer them once we’ve discussed the therapy plan with you. The injections don’t interfere with the normal movement of your jaw while biting, chewing, and speaking, so you won’t need to worry about unwanted after-effects.

To learn more about BOTOX® TMJ therapy, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. We’ll walk you through the process and discuss all of your treatment options with you so you feel completely confident in your care.


Female patient receiving BOTOX® for TMJ disorder in Vero Beach, FL

If you’re used to thinking of BOTOX® as a cosmetic treatment, then the idea of having it done as a type of TMJ therapy may sound strange at first; rest assured, though, that it can be an effective way to keep your jaw pain under control. If you’re interested in learning more about BOTOX® for TMJ disorder, check the following FAQs, which include a number of topics that our patients often ask about. Afterward, you can call our office with any additional questions you might have.

Is BOTOX® for TMJ Safe?

While BOTOX® does involve toxin, our team will be careful to make sure that you only receive a safe dosage. You’re unlikely to experience any truly serious side effects from the treatment, especially since it’s noninvasive. Some patients might experience redness or bruising, mild nausea, and headaches; these symptoms should eventually go away on their own.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to pursue BOTOX® for TMJ disorder, but for many people, any minor risks involved are outweighed by the chance to reduce their pain.

How Long Does It Take for BOTOX® Injections to Work for TMJ Disorder?

The effects of your BOTOX® injection may not kick in right away, but you should start seeing a difference a few days after the treatment. You can normally expect to enjoy the relief that BOTOX® can provide for roughly three to six months. For longer-lasting results, you may want to consider having at least three injections performed, with each treatment taking place about two weeks after the last one.

If for any reason BOTOX® doesn’t seem to have any effect on your symptoms, reach out to us right away to let us know so that we can figure out what steps to take next.

Can TMJ Disorder Be Treated Without Surgery?

Some patients are worried that they’ll need to undergo surgery for their TMJ disorder, but this is actually considered a last resort that should only be performed if other treatments have already failed. The majority of dentists recommend exploring nonsurgical solutions first. BOTOX® injections are an excellent example of a non-invasive method of dealing with TMJ disorder, providing a simple way to address your pain.

Is TMJ Treatment Covered by Insurance?

The answer to this question is often more complex than you might think. For one thing, it’s important to note that depending on the specifics of your plan, TMJ therapy can potentially fall under either medical insurance or dental insurance. Additionally, some insurance companies might not be willing to pay for TMJ disorder at all unless legally required to by the state in question, and even then, there might be limitations on the procedures that they’ll cover.

You should know in advance whether or not BOTOX® for TMJ disorder will be covered by your insurance plan. Give your insurance company a call to ask about your benefits.

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