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Emergency Dentist — Vero Beach, FL

Quality Dental Care When You Need It Most

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Is your child complaining of a terrible toothache? Has one of your own teeth been broken or knocked out in an accident? Taking the right actions in a dental emergency can make all the difference between saving or losing a tooth, so what should you do next? For the people of Vero Beach, it’s simple: call Premier Dental. We’re able to handle even the most urgent situations in-house and can move our schedule around to ensure patients in pain are seen as quickly as possible with emergency dentistry in Vero Beach. For quality dental care when you need us most, don’t hesitate to call us!

Why Choose Premier Dental for Emergency Dental Care?

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

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By their very nature, dental emergencies tend to be sudden and alarming. It might feel easy to panic, but we encourage you to stay calm! Acting quickly and correctly is essential in these situations. Should you or a loved one experience a dental emergency, follow these steps:

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be the result of many situations—a cavity that was left untreated for a long time, a motor vehicle accident, a simple slip at home…In all cases, severe pain and damage are usually the results. Ideally, you should call our dental office right away and come see us as soon as you can. However, we know life can get in the way sometimes. If you’re unable to reach our dental office for any reason, here are the best ways to handle common dental emergencies on your own until you can:

Understanding the Cost of Emergency Dentistry

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The cost of treating a dental emergency will vary from patient to patient depending on their particular situation. In all cases, our goal will be to stop any pain first. We know that urgent dental care is always an unexpected expense, which is why we are here to help you navigate the cost of your treatment so you can get the essential care you need without stressing over finances. Until you are able to get dental attention, here are some things for you to keep in mind.

X-ray illustration of a toothache in Vero Beach

Every Dental Emergency is Unique

The cost of dental emergencies varies on a few different factors, but the initial visit is generally relatively inexpensive. During this appointment, our team will take the time to assess your oral health and determine what further treatment you need to restore your smile. Until you are able to come to our practice to have the issue examined, it is incredibly difficult to predict the overall cost. Here are some of the more common solutions to dental emergencies:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Extractions
  • Dental crowns
  • TMJ treatment
  • And more!

Our committed team will thoroughly explain all findings, recommended treatment plan, and estimated cost so you aren’t met with any surprises.

Dental insurance form for dental emergency in Vero Beach

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

In most cases, dental insurance plans offer some amount of coverage for emergency situations. In some plans, at least one yearly emergency exam may be fulling covered, while common services associated with tooth pain, like root canal therapy and extractions, receive partial coverage (anywhere from 50% to 80%). It’s important to remember that every plan is different and yearly maximums usually come into effect. You should confirm with your dental insurance provider what is covered beforehand. At Premier Dental, we accept any PPO dental insurance plans.

Patient and dentist shaking over the cost of dental emergencies in Vero Beach

Other Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable

If you don’t have dental insurance, this doesn’t mean that you’re left completely in the dust. With our dental savings plan, you can save 10% on all restorative, surgical, and implant treatment. We also work with CareCredit – a third-party financing company that can break the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly installments with little-to-no interest. To learn more about your financial options, talk with one of our friendly team members.

Man brushing teeth to prevent dental emergency in Vero Beach

Taking Care of Your Smile Can Save You Money

 Not all dental emergencies can be prevented, but by implementing additional steps into your routine, you can reduce your probability of developing an oral health issue and needing treatment. By avoiding dental emergencies, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time.

You should always keep an eye out for changes in your mouth. New oral pain or visible changes can indicate that you have an issue that needs to be addressed. By caring for dental problems as soon as they turn up, you can keep them from progressing and becoming more serious. The longer your put off dental treatment, the more it’s likely to cost. For instance, by coming to the practice for root canal therapy now, you may be able to avoid the cost and hassle of needing an extraction and tooth replacement in the future. Ultimately, you can save yourself discomfort, time, and money!


Dental emergencies can occur unexpectedly, so we are always happy to help. We offer same-day appointments for emergency cases, so give us a call!

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

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Did you know that most dental emergencies are the result of untreated damage or infection? By taking certain steps to protect your smile, you can significantly lower your chances of damaging it. Since dental emergencies can be stressful, frightening, and difficult to manage, it’s best to do what you can to avoid them in the first place. At Premier Dental, we want to arm you with the information you need to keep your pearly whites free of harm. To learn more, continue reading or give our office a call today!

dental checkup in Vero Beach

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

If you haven’t seen one of our dentists in over six months, schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. It’s incredibly important that you stay on top of your routine checkups to keep your smile in optimal condition. We’ll professionally clean your teeth and conduct an oral examination to ensure no problems are developing. By addressing any issues early on, we can prevent them from turning into painful complications down the line.

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Maintain Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing daily with an ADA-approved mouthwash are essential practices that help ward off oral health problems. If you fail to take proper care of your teeth and gums harmful bacteria can accumulate in your mouth and accelerate enamel deterioration, causing infections to develop. As long as you regularly practice good oral hygiene, you can spare yourself from experiencing a dental emergency.

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Stick to a Nutritious Diet

Believe it or not, your diet has a significant impact on oral health. Avoid overindulging in starchy, sugary, and acidic foods as they can contribute to problems like decay and gum disease. Instead, stick to a diet full of nutrient-rich foods! Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and dairy products can help your smile stay healthy for years to come.

young woman eating healthy food

Wear a Mouthguard

Do you regularly play sports or grind your teeth at night? If so, ask our dental team about a custom-made oral device. An athletic mouthguard can protect your teeth and gums from any impact should you sustain a blow to the face. Meanwhile, a nightguard can keep your enamel safe from the force of you grinding your teeth at night.

man opening bottle with teeth

Use Tools to Open Packages, Not Your Teeth

Have you ever had trouble opening a package or bottle? You may have been tempted to use your teeth as a last-ditch effort. Unfortunately, using your pearly whites for anything other than chewing food can cost you a trip to your emergency dentist’s office. That said, it's best to wait until you have the right tool or ask someone to lend you a helping hand.

Dental Emergency FAQs

a person holding their mouth in pain because they have a toothache

Whether you knocked-out your tooth or have been experiencing throbbing tooth pain, dealing with dental emergencies of any kind can be stressful because they’re always unexpected. Fortunately, your emergency dentist in Vero Beach is here to help by offering same-day appointments. We’ve also included answers to some of the most common questions that we receive from our patients below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or you’re in the midst of an emergency, give us a call!

Will my toothache go away on its own?

While it’s possible for some types of tooth pain to go away on its own, if you’re experiencing a severe toothache that one day suddenly disappears, that could be a sign that your oral health issue is becoming more serious. Infections can cause pain when they enter the inner chamber of the tooth and begin attacking the nerves inside. If the issue isn’t solved then, it can continue on to kill the tooth and the nerves within (causing a toothache to disappear), requiring the tooth to be extracted to prevent the infection from spreading further.

I’m anxious about coming in. Is there anything you can do to help me feel more comfortable?

Our team at Premier Dental understands that dealing with a dental emergency in Vero Beath can be an anxiety-inducing and stressful situation. We offer sedation dentistry in the form of nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to help you feel more comfortable while you’re in the treatment chair so you can have your smile repaired in peace.

Can the emergency room remove a tooth?

Because only licensed dentists can perform tooth extractions, and most hospital emergency rooms don’t have a dentist on-staff, it’s rarely the case that the ER will be able to remove a tooth. At best, they can provide you with pain medication and antibiotics, but you’ll likely need to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist near you for treatment.

Can I pop a dental abscess on my own?

If you notice a small, pimple-like bump on your gums, it could be an abscess, or a pocket of pus that has likely formed due to an infection. Under no circumstances should you prod or pop this because it could expose your mouth to additional bacteria and further irritate the gums. Get in touch with an emergency dentist right away to plan timely treatment and keep the infection from spreading.

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